Our wines navigate the intersection of tradition and innovation.

New world wine. Old world Style.



In the new world, anything is possible.

Intended for those curious enough to push past the boundaries and explore the potential of Oregon wine, our wines navigate the intersection of tradition and innovation.

We source from both the best old growth Oregon vineyards and new cool climate coastal sites. We employ traditional winemaking techniques like fermenting in amphorae for our Pinot Noir program. For our Chardonnay program, we vigorously crush whole cluster, just like the Burgundians did more than a century ago.

Yet here we are. Now. In the new world. Where anything is possible.


00 Wines Chardonnay


2015 was the beginning of a new era of Oregon chardonnay. For our first vintage, we set out to produce the next great American chardonnay here in the Willamette Valley. Using the premier cool climate chardonnay fruit in the US and time honored artisanal white Burgundy techniques, we've created something rare that has been compared to the world’s great white wines. 


Our Chardonnay Portfolio

A 2015 bottling from 00, called VGW ($65), is tart and succulent, savory and botanical, with a hefty structure for a white that has an alcohol level of 12.9%.
— Katherine Cole, globally acclaimed wine writer and executive producer.

2015 00 VGW Chardonnay


Only 158 Cases Left!

Quickly becoming one of Oregon's premium brands, 00 Wines is a producer to watch now. Lea Lafon (daughter of the world-renowned Dominque Lafon in Meursault) has joined the likes of Cameron and Walter Scott with her premier release of this VGW (Very Good White) top-shelf Chardonnay. It is reminiscent of Montrachet with its gorgeous weight and texture from clonal selection and grape quality, where oak is only a player in the nuances of this mind-melting Chardonnay.


2015 00 Chardonnay



Essentially the de-classified version of the VGW Chardonnay (and around half the price), Lea Lafon has crafted this label-less Chardonnay from the same source lot as the VGW. Yet instead of a Mearsault, this Chardonnay is more reminiscent of a cru Chablis: lively aromas of enticing salinity and lemon curd. Notes of lemon meringue tart are present on the palate, along with sun-soaked slate and fresh vanilla bean. A perfect balancing act of creaminess and acidity, it's hard to believe this is "00"'s FIRST vintage release! Fans of Dauvissat and Ravenneau Chablis will swoon over this (and by comparison, save some serious $$). 







World-class wine starts in the vineyard.


We make this wine the way it was done decades ago in Burgundy. The idea is to explode through existing barriers and boundaries of what we know Oregon Chardonnay to be today.
— Chris Hermann, Founder, 00 Wines

We vigorously crush our Chardonnay to impart flavor and structure.

            It doesn't stay this color for long.

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The Oregon Chardonnays made with skin contact have a tension to them that calls to mind a violin bow sliding across strings.
— Katherine Cole

Featuring the freshest, globally experienced winemaking talent.

Our wines are crafted by the next generation of world-renowned winemakers, including:

Lea Lafon - daughter of Dominique Lafon of Domaine des Comtes Lafon.

Mikey Etzel - son of Michael Etzel of Beaux Freres.

Alban Debeaulieu - student of Pierre Millemann


00 Wines Pinot Noir


The 2014 vintage was exceptional in the Willamette Valley. As one of the best vintages of the last 20 years, 2014 brought an abundance of the highest-quality, balanced fruit. We've captured the spirit of the vintage with our lush, fragrant 2014 VGR blend. Our single vineyard selections from Hyland, Shea, and Stardance  capture time and terroir in a bottle. 


Our Pinot Noir Portfolio


2014 VGR Pinot Noir


A profound and notable wine, with the kind of extract, volume and intensity that very, very few Oregon pinot noirs have to-date achieved.  It is a large-scale, palate-staining wine and is strongly flavored in part by and well-toasted new oak barrels. Tasting the VGR is stunning.


00_Group 1-3.jpg

2014 Single Vineyard (Hyland, Shea, and Stardance)


Made in a more labor-intensive style than any other in the Willamette Valley -- individual berries are snipped off clusters by hand, and are immediately transferred to amphorae in the vineyard. The fermentation starts naturally with native yeasts. Each single vineyard wine is a pure expression of the vintage and terroir. The resulting wines are delicious and rare. 


The morning of the pick.


Each cluster is expertly hand snipped in the vineyard.

The grapes are then Placed directly into Amphorae in the Vineyard Before TRansport to the winery.

Our wines are hand bottled with care, using the finest corks on the market.
— Chris Hermann, Founder, 00 Wines.
Virtually, all the wines I have tried which have been in amphora are extraordinary, not simply because of the amphora but in that the amphora is one living piece in the natural wine mosaic.
— The Real Wine Fair

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Our current offerings:

Pinot Noir

2014 VGR 

2014 Single Vineyard Hyland 

2014 Single Vineyard Shea 

2014 Single Vineyard Stardance 



2015 VGW

2015 Declassified



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